Please read below about our work as described by our clients:

"Your outstanding performance has successfully contributed to the latest milestone. The management, and United States Army Corps of Engineers, would like to extend its appreciation, and commends your efforts and the professional manner in which you performed your duties."

Shafqat Malik, Project Engineer, United States Army Corps of Engineers Oman Resident Office.


"Thomas Vale takes its approach to Health, Safety and Welfare extremely seriously - which is why it is of paramount importance that our supply chain partners consider it to be as equally important. Their approach is second to none in achieving the stringently high levels that we set and their performance to date is a testament to their own business credentials, processes, procedures and top-down commitment."

Sean Flaherty, Site Agent, Thomas Vale Construction Limited.


"More than capable of providing a Quality service and on time".

Emad Salah, Regional Construction Manager. AICI.


"The tight layout of the site and the fast track programme required some careful planning. They selected a suitable team of workers and the right equipment to carry out work. The main access to the site was through the middle of the site and the main drainage also is located in this road. They provided the best solution to improve the speed of construction and limit the disruption to access. The management of the site by Gill's foreman ensured that production never faltered".

Andrew Hall, Contracts Manager. Bullock Construction.

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